Why Direct?

Direct Mail provides healthcare professionals the ability to communicate securely with their colleagues and patients. California Direct enables healthcare professionals to maintain HIPAA compliance when sending and receiving encrypted health information over email.

We work with physicians to ensure that our product is user-friendly and fits easily into your current workflow. Our exclusive technology integrates seamlessly with any EHR, patient management and email system, allowing you to start communicating immediately.

Client Support

Phone: 1-831-600-3750

Fax: 1-831-465-7893

Email: support@axesson.com

Web: cadirect.org

Address: 100 Enterprise Way, Suite C110, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

The Direct Project is a federal initiative for standards-based healthcare communications, with the goal of enabling communications between all healthcare providers and patients.
Direct secure messaging empowers you to communicate with any physician or patient with a Direct email address in a way that is HIPAA and HITECH compliant.
The ability to send transition of care documents (CCDs) using Direct secure messaging. This can help you meet Meaningful Use attestation requirements and engage your patients.